Journalism Initiative is a Nonprofit Civil Partnership established in Greece in July 2018 with the following goals:

  • Defending freedom of the press and the right of society for unhindered and diverse access to information;
  • Promoting investigative reporting for the common good, especially in areas that are not adequately covered by mainstream news outlets;
  • Capacity building of journalists on modern forms of practicing journalism and promotion of dialogue and synergies;
  • Educating the public and other stakeholders in the news cycle on the mechanics of news aiming to the cultivation of critical thinking and the increase of trust in the news media.

Journalism Initiative seeks to raise funds from Foundations, companies’ CSR resources, private parties as well through own fund-raising activities, in order to conduct programmes and actions which will sustainably promote its goals and engage an ever increasing circle of stakeholders to its vision.

We are honoured for the support in this journey by Aigeas Non-Profit Civil Partnership, Bodossaki Foundation, Mytilineos, Papastratos CMX S.A., Tiniaki Ampelones S.A. AEGEAN, Viva Wallet, and other, private donors.