(Press Release - excerpts)

Can the Cyclades combine prosperity with the preservation of the traditions that make them unique? How can the infrastructure on the islands cope with the increased demand for services - and at what point should a limit be placed on this demand? What regulations will allow for a balanced development of construction in respect of the natural environment and Cycladic architecture?

These and other questions will be addressed by the “Sustainable Cyclades” programme of the “Journalism Initiative”. It is a new journalistic project with an 18-month horizon that focuses on critical aspects of sustainable development, environmental protection and carrying capacity in the South Aegean island cluster under the pressure of over-tourism.

Through reports, interviews, special features and events, Sustainable Cyclades will document and highlight throughout the year these vital issues and the impact they have on local communities.

The content of the research is available to the public and media for republication under a Creative Commons license (CC-BY) from our website sustainablecyclades.gr, for the widest possible exposure.

The editing, reporting and research for the project is by Tasos Telloglou and Yannis Palaeologos together with a number of team members.

Add your knowledge to the project for Sustainable Cyclades. Contact us, confidentially if you wish, and help us gather information.

The «Sustainable Cyclades» project relies on the valuable contributions of our donors.

We thank for the generous support Mytilineos, Tiniaki Ampelones S.A. and a number of other private donors.